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Customized service on most complete and up-to-date information around physical places for location and competitive intelligence.

We deliver reliable data on schools, restaurants, retail stores and many more to suite your business needs in any country across the globe.

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Why Spatic

Location data can be source of competitive edge if used for business planning and decisions. We can provide the PoI data customized to your needs at a frequency determined by your business needs. We have best in class accuracy back by extensive data mining and quality checks. Data is available for 157 countries covering over 100M POIs

Icon- Customized to your business needs
Customized to your business needs

Each business has different requirements based on its market presence. Finding the right data from a large dataset is difficult. Imagine a service that gives you only what you need; that is Spatic for you!

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Wide Attribute Coverage

Need more than just the lat/long of a PoI? Spatic captures wide range of attributes like brand name, address, opening/closing times or anything you need that is available on the web.

Icon- Affordable

Most data providers have off the shelf database requiring the clients not only to do the heavy lifting of cleaning the databases but also need to pay for what they do not need. As Spatic, we provide customized service and hence pay only for what you need.

Icon- Accurate

We take pride in providing most complete and up-to-date databases. This is a result of customized services as off the shelf databases are likely to be outdated due to changing market environment.

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Various Physical Places

Retail & Grocery stores
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Fast food Chains
Icon- Schools
Icon- hospital
Icon- Restaurants
Icon- Fitness Centers
Fitness Centers
Icon- Automobile service centers
Automobile service centers
Icon- Bus stops and train stations
Bus stops and train stations
Icon- Hypermarket chains
Hypermarket chains
Icon- Pharmacies
Icon- Mall
Icon- Entertainment
Entertainment centers

Use Cases

Location Intelligence helps the companies do their business planning at a granular, hyperlocal level. The Point of Interest(PoI) data finds use across industries and across functional areas as it provides an important link between the company’s offering and consumers. We have listed a few use cases but this certainly not an exhaustive list. Please get in touch for your unique requirements.

  • Identify all the competitors in the trade area

  • Identify competitor exits and entry in each time period

  • New site selection or expansion in new geography

Real Estate
  • Show grocery stores, cafes, schools and other amenities near a property helping clients make faster decisions

  • Use the demographics data from Spatic for neighborhood assessment

Use cases- Application MakersUse cases- Application makers white
Application Makers
  • Get key contextual information like location of museums, proximity, etc. asper the app use case

Use cases- CPGUse cases- CPG white
  • Identify the retailers in a trade area

  • Early information on opening or closing of retail outlets

  • Optimize the distribution network

  • Plan logistics for distribution

Use cases- Transport & logisticsUse cases- Transport & logistics white
Transport & Logistics
  • Find most efficient routes and fleet sizes

  • Optimize public transit and public infrastructure

  • Improve delivery by better fleet planning taking POI into consideration

Use cases- Location based advertisingUse cases- Location based advertising
Location Based Advertising
  • Quality POI data for geofencing. Advertise in the areas of interest and save advertising dollars by eliminating targeting wrong set of customers

  • Build location based demographic profiles. Spatic provides the US census data with PoIs mapped to census blocks

Frequently Asked Questions

A frequently asked questions forum is often used in articles, Websites, email lists, and online forums where common question tend to recur.

What is Points of Interest (PoI) data?
What is Points of Interest (PoI) data?

Point of interest (POI) is a specific point location that a company may find useful. POI data provides intelligence on real-world places, such as retail stores, schools, bars & restaurants, malls, monuments, and other sites of tourist attraction or of commercial interest.

What is the coverage of the database?
What is the coverage of the database?

We provide data across 157 countries. The database is custom created as per your requirements and hence you pay only for the data you need instead of the entire database.

What is the information provided as part of POI?
What is the information provided as part of POI?

We provide the coordinates (latitude, longitude), full addresses along with zip codes, Opening/closing timings, list of competitors.

What is the frequency of update of the database?
What is the frequency of update of the database?

Unlike other providers, Spatic provides a customized solution as per the needs of the client. Hence, the scope of data as well as the frequency of update is as per your unique requirements.

What are the services Spatic can offer in addition to the PoI data?
What are the services Spatic can offer in addition to the PoI data?

Spatic is a location intelligence company, and we take pride in sourcing competition, consumer, and market intelligence that helps you take the right decisions at a store or hyper-local level.

What is the turnaround time for the data service?
What is the turnaround time for the data service?

The turnaround time depends on the scope of the project. We make our best efforts to provide the data in the timeframe required by our clients.

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