Spatic's Location Intelligence map platform
Spatic's Location Intelligence report of 100 ft. road, Indiranagar

Accelerate Retail Expansion With Location Intelligence

Eliminate gut feel. Drive expansion with our data- driven location intelligence solutions.

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Spatic's Location Intelligence map platform
Save Time & Effort by 80%

Significantly reduce your on-site visits & data gathering time & efforts

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Determine best locations by predicting revenue & footfall using our AI Models

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Our Products

Spatic Studio

Spatic Studio is our spatial analytics platform developed to help you identify potential locations with curated location intelligence relevant to your business.
  • Out-Locate your Competitors
  • Identify the Whitespaces & Demand Hotspots
  • Make confident decisions for new city expansions
    or store consolidations.
Spatic Studio - spatial analytics tool for retail expansion
Spatic's Smart Locate - AI-powered location analytics to find profitable stores

Smart Locate

Our proprietary AI models will simplify the process of finding, analyzing and selecting profitable locations based on revenue and footfall prediction.
  • Cut out the guesswork with AI-powered location analytics.
  • Discover look-alikes of your existing top-performing stores
  • Spot perfect locations for your business effortlessly.

Site Report

Our Site Report is designed to make location shortlisting swift and simple. Generate detailed reports effortlessly, focusing on the metrics vital to your decision-making.
  • Pick from 100+ attributes to compile exhaustive reports.
  • Easily compare different sites and make informed, data-backed decisions.
  • Our exclusive location scoring helps you pick the right, profitable site for your business
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Spatic's Site report - Compare & choose properties based on 100+ location attributes

Our Data Catalog

Access over 1000+ public, proprietary and premium datasets
Spatic's Demographic data catalog

Provides information on population, population density, gender & age distribution, income level, etc.

Spatic's Human Mobility data catalog
Human Mobility

Provide insights about human movement - footfall of specific locations, source & destination

Spatic's Shopping data catalog

Provide exact locations of any shopping related buildings (stores / Malls / High streets)

Spatic's Real estate data catalog
Real Estate

Provide information on both residential & commercial real estate related data like rentals

Spatic's Transportation data catalog

Provide information on both residential & commercial real estate related data like rentals

Why Spatic?

Customized to Your Business Needs

Spatic provides personalized services for your unique business needs. Expect optimal results with our tailored analytics and insights.

Wide Range of

Leverage our catalogue of over 1000+ proprietary datasets. Enjoy diverse, deep insights for precision in decision-making


Benefit from our team's deep expertise in spatial analytics and AI. Our passion for business growth translates into exceptional results for you.

Quick and
Reliable Data

With Spatic, access quick and reliable data. Our high-quality datasets are regularly refreshed, equipping you for swift, confident decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A frequently asked questions forum is often used in articles, Websites, email lists, and online forums where common question tend to recur.

Where is Spatic headquartered

Spatic is headquartered in India with teams based out of US and India

How does AI help in Location recommendation?

Spatic's Proprietary AI Models are trained on the association of various retail stores, categorized by industry and brands, with over 100 location attributes to the level of a pin code or locality or street or a 150 m2 grid. So when we customize these recommendation models for a specific retailer, we consider their business-related factors like competitors, complementary brands, their sales or revenue or footfall from current stores. As a result, the AI recommendation model comprehends the impact and significance of each location attribute concerning the retailer's business. Based on this understanding, the model can predict other profitable locations for the retailer.

What is location intelligence (LI)?

Location Intelligence is the use of geospatial and business data to fully realize the situation, identify key factors, uncover patterns and relationships, and present possible solutions. Discover contextual insights for location-based challenges or opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. At Spatic, we have added another dimension which is making predictions using AI/ML to get a holistic view.

Which industries can benefit from location intelligence?

Nearly all companies can benefit from location intelligence including retail, real estate, CPG, QSR, Restaurants, hospitality, automobile, etc.

What are the challenges faced by retailers in gathering location data?

Retailers face many challenges in the gathering data for their needs. ⦁ Discovering the right contextual data ⦁ Ensuring the accuracy of the location data as they are a lot of unverified & inaccurate data (For eg: Google maps, data vendors) ⦁ Integrating this external location data with their internal databases to get the right insights.

How is the Human mobility data collected?

Foot traffic data is collected though an SDK built in the mobile apps. The SDK is like a piece of code that tracks the user location. This data is aggregated at the trade area level to get meaningful insights without any personal identifiable information(PII). Spatic is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, WPA and numerous other legislations across the world.

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Representation of Retail density distribution of Hyderabad on Spatic Studio
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