Smart Locate
Harness the power of AI to find locations

Our proprietary AI models will simplify the process of finding, analyzing and selecting profitable locations based on revenue and footfall prediction

How can Smart Locate help?

Discover look-alikes of your existing top-performing stores
Find locations with highest Revenue or Foot-fall predictions
Identify where the next big opportunity is or white spaces
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Spatic's Smart Locate tool identifying & recommending locations in Mumbai with the help of AI models

How this is better than traditional process

Bye bye gut feel. Get Locations with data backed insights

Traditional Approach

Traditional tedious & gut feel based approach of finding locations for your business expansion

With Smart Locate

Spatic Smart locate's AI based data backed approach of finding locations for your business expansion

How it works

How Spatic's Smart locate works: what kind of input metrics are required
Different industries Spatic Studio can help are Restaurants, Furniture, Shopping malls, Fashion, Hospitals and Pharma, Banks and NBFCs

The Industry's Trusted Provider of Location Data

Spatic's location data is diligently curated to ensure equal representation across all geographical areas and income brackets. We collect this data using proprietary models, strictly adhering to data protection regulations.
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Representation of Retail density distribution of Hyderabad on Spatic Studio
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